Consolamini - AbdesSalaam Attar

Consolamini – AbdesSalaam Attar

The bell rings the midnight hour on the Aventine. Night spreads her mantle over the purple ruins of the Eternal City and you keep walking past them as if amidst a row of wraiths. The day is far spent and far from nocturnal terrors, you pilgrimed from church to church, from a concert to another, walking beneath the royal arches of the Pantheon, down under Trajan’s Column Consolamini – AbdesSalaam Attar. Heavy lies the night bound to be sleepless. Suitcase in [...]


Serin – January Scent Project

It is not the first time that we are amazed by one of John Biebel’s creations. After Smolderose, realistic olfactory jewel where a red lipstick’s shine meets that of a burnt trees, Serin is another work of contrasts, unsettling yet not destabilising but refocusing and relaxing as of a sunlight beam traversing the body from head to toe. Serin is unsettling in its bitter opening, drawn out like a sword, a bitterness of myrrh and camphor. Such aura, that of [...]

Avon Herstory

Avon Herstory celebrates Changing Faces charity

Avon has partnered with the UK’s leading charity for people with visible differences, Changing Faces, to launch Herstory – a fragrance celebrating women all over the world Avon Herstory.. Five powerful and inspiring women with visible differences proudly feature in the Herstory beauty campaign. This reflects Avon’s commitment to Changing Faces, wanting to give everyone with a visible difference a #PledgetoBeSeen. Avon explain that ‘The Herstory launch coincides with Face Equality Week (18-22nd May) a time to celebrate people with visible differences and to challenge people’s perceptions,’ [...]

Success in Perfume Business

Ways to Achieve Success in Perfume Business

In the recent few years, online marketing has proved to be an effective medium for perfumes and cosmetic businesses to survive and achieve success in the respective industry. Perfume business online marketing in fact constitutes the latest tool to gain a strong position in the market and at the same time, a new-age advertisement method to make entry of a company far easier. However, you have to follow some important tips related to relevant online marketing strategies, so that you [...]

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